Therin Stapp

Podcaster, writer, librarian, jack of all trades. Here's where you can find their projects, and different ways to work with them.

Transcription Services

Transcripts are an incredibly important accessibility tool for podcasts! They're good for SEO, too, I guess.If you want to add them to your show, or need transcription for another project, I'm happy to help.


Base rate: $50 per audio hour

This rate is for audio of one person talking, or a conversation. This rate would include projects like...

  • Audio or video essays

  • A podcast where a host interviews guests

  • A podcast where 2 or fewer hosts chat

  • Audio notes taken for any kind of writing project

  • Scripted content

Actual Play: $70 per audio hour

I am currently not taking AP projects!

My rate for Actual Plays is significantly higher, due to their complexity.An Actual Play podcast typically includes 4 or more voices in an improv setting, lots of overtalk, people making statements both in- and out-of-character, and a lot of technical terms. They also may have music and sound effects that require description.I bring a lot of expertise to this kind of project! If you don't have one, I will help you develop a style guide that works for you, that any transcriber can use when working on your show.

Editing Services


Copyediting: $30 per hour

I'll fix any spelling and grammar errors, make sure your paragraphs flow well, and make sure you're generally making sense. I'll check the format of any citations, and leave comments letting you know if you're being unclear or confusing.I charge by the hour rather than by the word, because it's the simplest way to scale for difficulty.These things slow me down:

  • Complicated or technical language

  • Lots of incorrectly-formatted dialog

  • Sloppy manuscripts (you know who you are)

These things will save you money:

  • Using simple language anyone can understand

  • Tidy manuscripts (you don't know who you are and I love you for it)

Why you should hire me

You'll get good emails
Clear communication is everything. I'm gonna ask you so many questions, and they will make this project silky smooth. You'll never wonder when I'm going to get back to you.
Identity stuff
I'm a fat disabled queer who loves working with other fat and/or disabled and/or queer people. Especially if their work is about those things.
If I love your writing, I'm going to tell you how awesome you are. If I don't, you'll never know.
I'm sure you can tell, I am a natural-born words person. I have a lot of experience with written and spoken content that means - if you've found this page, we're probably going to work well together.
I'm going to meet your deadline!! Because I'm never going to take on more work than I can handle!! Apologies in advance if I have to say no to your request.
Just remember YIKES! It's the Therin Stapp Guaranteeā„¢